Frozen Drink #7: Buc-ee’s “Cherry” Icee #2 Fort Worth, Tx

August 12, 2016

Subpar Bucees Icee2.jpg

Later the same day, I had a second Icee.

I did not particularly desire another frozen drink but was primarily seeking redemption for Buc-ee’s. Identical to the previous location, this Buc-ee’s had four banks of machines.** Again, the Icee was subpar.

While not totally impotable, it too had a flavor mostly comprised of weak cocacola. It was only after tasting that I realized Buc-ee’s offered not “cherry” but a flavor marked as “Very Cherry.” The placard featured Buc-ee Beaver, suggesting that this was not the traditional cherry Icee flavor offered throughout the nation but a proprietary flavor exclusive to Buc-ee’s 37 Texas locations.

The texture coming out the machine was nigh perfect. This leads me to believe that the previous Buc-ee’s Icee had been defective in some ways and that this one was dispensed as-intended… which is not a particularly good thing.

First, this texture did not persist. The Icee had melted almost entirely within a half hour. This is the mark of a truly unsophisticated frozen drink. Second, the flavor bore one of the two marks of insufficiency. The first is agressive sourness seemingly the result of excessive citric acid. The second is a strange flavor that I can only describe as “sweaty.” This Icee suffered from the latter condition. The flavor did not wash out too much even as the drink melted but, in this case, it is hard to tell whether that consistency should be counted as a benefit.


  • Quality: 4
  • Consistency: 8


  • Quality: 6
  • Consistency: 4

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