Frozen Drink #2: Frazil Green Apple – Northern Alabama

August 8, 2016


In northern Alabama, I picked up this frozen drink at a Shell station. In many ways, this “Frazil” was the diametric opposite of the Love’s drink from yesterday.

The crystals were large, round, and well-defined. More significantly, they were swimming in syrup. I was immediately suspicious that this drink would melt in to watery soup within minutes. Given my low expectations, the Frazil really over-performed.

First, the flavor was quite good. It was not overly citric-sour and did not burn. (It’s weird that not causing physical pain is a quality that I need mention, much less “give points for” but there you have it.) Second, the texture was consistent and pleasant throughout despite being a bit soupy.

The primary challenge of any frozen drink is maintaining a viscous, plasmid state that is simultaneously drinkable and frozen. Most accomplish this by either infusing frozen crystals with syrup or by suspending the crystals in syrup. If done poorly, either version tends to exist as two poorly integrated elements (see the Love’s frozen drink above for an example of the former condition) and the consumer finds themself drinking extraodinarily cold syrup until a pile of slightly sticky remains at the bottom of the cup. Despite appearing poorly integrated, the Frazil actually maintained a consistent texture and flavor throughout comsumption. The amount of ice was a bit light but, as a result, the flavor remained largely undiluted until the end. It does lose points for not achieving a viscous plasma state, however. It was more like drinking bubble tea, but with large ice crystals for bubbles and delicious green apple syrup for tea. Overall, not bad.


  • Quality: 7
  • Consistency: 8


  • Quality: 6
  • Consistency: 7

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