Frozen Drink #1: Love’s Convenience Store – Murfeesboro, TN

August 7, 2016
The best flavor option at this Love’s was cherry-limeade. That ought to have been a sign.

This frozen drink was comprised of small-crystal ice with poor definition, the implications of which will become apparent later. But first, the flavor: predictably, “limeade” meant something more like “bountiful citric acid.” It burnt my mouth. The cherry flavor was tasty but inadequate to completely counter the burning sourness. This frozen drink’s greatest sin was its texture however– specifically, it’s textural consistency.

The mark of a fine frozen drink is its ability to hold the same consistency throughout consumption. Failing that, it ought to at least maintain equally pleasant (if varied) consistencies.

In terms of texture, this Love’s frozen drink was purely bush-league. By the time I was 1/4 through it, the flavor profile has become watery and by half-way through, there was virtually no syrup remaining. The crystals began to solidify into a solid block of ice and I had to abandon the drink altogether before I was 2/3 done.


  • Quality: 2
  • Consistency: 1


  • Quality: 2
  • Consistency: 1

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